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Dust mask should be how to maintain, clean method have?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-21
should be how to maintain, clean method have? With the continuous development of society, people's living standard is becoming more and more high, but the air pollution is more and more serious. Many places often appear some dust storm weather, many people travel will wear dust masks to protect their health. However, many consumers don't know how to do maintenance, especially the cleaning method is not very clear, disposable masks below small make up to simple introduce to the customers. and maintenance method 1, the outer layer of the often built up a lot of outside dust, bacteria and other contaminants in the air, and the inner block out bacteria, saliva, therefore, the two sides cannot be used interchangeably, otherwise will outer dirt stained in clingy facial when inhaled human body directly, and become a source of infection. 2, masks, when not wearing should be folded into a clean inside the envelope, and will be close to the nose and mouth folded in a face, avoid by all means literally into a pocket or hanging around his neck. 3, if is breathed out hot or wet saliva, its effect in blocking bacteria could be greatly reduced. So, usually best for more a few masks, used to replace, should change once a day. When washing should be blanching for 5 minutes. method of cleaning should adhere to the daily cleaning and disinfection, both gauze masks and air filter mask can use the method of heating disinfection. Particular way is: 1, first wash with warm water and soap gently knead gauze masks, cup mask can dip in with soft brush brush gently detergent net, then wash clean. Please note that do not forcibly knead, because if the gauze fabric clearance is too large lost prevention droplets. 2, disinfection will wash clean masks in 2% acetic acid peroxide solution soak for 30 minutes in boiling water for 20 minutes or in boiler steam for 15 minutes, and then to dry and set aside. This method is suitable for the gauze masks and cup mask. 3, check again before use, should carefully check the mask and helmet is still in good condition, for gauze masks and mask can take pervious to light control method, the former care to get the lamp, see if there are any obvious spot, and edges in the middle of light transmittance is consistent, if in doubt will replace a new one. Whatever you do, mask and mask generally will be updated after cleaning 3 to 7 times, particularly good quality masks can clean 10 times. Activated carbon adsorption masks should pay attention to regular replacement of activated carbon sandwich, cannot be replaced if activated carbon interlining, used 7 to 14 days to be replaced, this mask is not repeat use after cleaning. Activated carbon masks how useless, how to correctly wear disposable masks should be how to clean and use in daily life
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