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Experts suggest that children do not have to wear KN95 masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-29
With the announcement of school opening times across the country, masks and children's masks have become a popular item for parents to purchase. How to choose?    Don't blindly wear KN95 masks to children. Jin Xiangyu, one of the drafters of the group standard of 'Civil Hygiene Masks' and a professor at the Textile School of Donghua University, said that wearing a mask is like setting up a filter barrier for your respiratory system. This barrier must block particles, droplets, etc. , But also to ensure smooth breathing. Children’s lungs are relatively weak, and children’s masks that are worn for a long time require comfortable ventilation.   In the mask group standard, it is clearly stipulated that the ventilation resistance of adult masks must be less than or equal to 49 Pa, and that of children's masks must be less than or equal to 30 Pa. Jin Xiangyu specially reminded parents not to blindly choose KN95 masks and medical surgical masks. The ventilation resistance of these masks is about 300 Pa. Although they have high protective performance, they are not conducive to ventilation. It is not the best choice for children's daily protection.     It is understood that the protection standards for adult masks and child masks in the group standards are equally stringent. The standard stipulates that children's masks have a filtration efficiency of not less than 90% for dust, droplets, aerosols and other particles, and a bacteria filtration efficiency of not less than 95%, which can meet the needs of children for bacteria protection after wearing a mask. At the same time, taking into account the poor ability of children's active and autonomous processing, the flame retardant performance of children's masks is also stipulated. The index refers to YY0469-2011 'Medical Surgical Masks   In addition, according to the new standard, ear-hook mask straps should be used for children's masks. The mask straps should not have free ends, detachable small parts, etc., and should not have sharp points and sharp edges that can be touched. Recycled materials should not be used as raw materials for children's masks. Jin Xiangyu said that under such strict safety standards, as long as you buy qualified and compliant children's masks, you can have both safety and comfort. Can I buy cartoon masks? The copper mask group standard stipulates that the masks and the skin directly contact the fabric must not be dyed, but this requirement does not apply to the outer layer of the mask. Whether the outer layer of the mask is dyed and whether there are various patterns is designed by the company itself, the standard does not do Claim.   Beautiful masks should be bought with caution! Jin Xiangyu said that the pigments used in children's masks should best meet food-grade standards. On the contrary, masks dyed with chemical raw materials will cause negative effects if worn for a long time.   Regarding the issue of size, the mask group standard also has large (L), medium (M), and small (S) specifications for children's masks. Jin Xiangyu reminded that children's masks are not suitable for infants and young children aged 36 months and below. He suggested that the small size is generally suitable for children (3~6) years old. Children wearing masks will affect their breathing. Therefore, young children must be cautious when wearing masks. Parents must pay attention to observe and adjust at any time. The medium size is suitable for children (6-9) years old, and the large size is generally recommended for children over 10 years old. Due to the individualized differences in the growth and development of children, the selection of masks by age group is only for reference. Parents should try on their children and choose a mask that fits the size of their face. How often do students wear masks at school? Jin Xiangyu said that everyone’s breathing volume, speech frequency and exercise volume are different. Under normal circumstances, it is enough to use disposable masks to change them once a day. It is necessary to choose a suitable size mask to ensure that the copper mask is airtight. When wearing a mask, press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands, make the upper end of the mask close to the bridge of the nose, and stretch the mask downwards without leaving any wrinkles.   Recently, three students in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Zhoukou, Henan, and Changsha, Hunan have died suddenly while running while wearing masks in physical education class after returning to school. Zheng Ruiqiang, director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Subei People’s Hospital, said that the human body consumes more oxygen during exercise and needs to inhale a lot of oxygen. If oxygen is not inhaled in time after wearing a mask, it will cause severe hypoxia, which will not only cause damage to the lungs, but also Damage to the whole body. Xu Zhimin, deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, suggested that after returning to school, students do not need to wear KN95 masks, general surgical masks or disposable masks. 406
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