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Explanation of medical protective mask suppliers on mask filter materials

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-16
Interpretation of medical protective mask suppliers on mask filter materials. Different dust masks use different filter materials. The editor of the supplier of medical masks tells you that the filtering effect is related to the size of the particles on the one hand, and whether the particles contain oil or not on the other hand. Dust masks are usually classified according to filtration efficiency and classified according to whether they are suitable for filtering oily particles. Oil-free particles, such as dust, water-based mist, paint mist, oil-free fumes (welding fumes), microorganisms, etc. Although non-oily particulate filter materials are common, they are not suitable for oily particulates, medical protective masks such as oil mist, oil fume, asphalt fume, coke oven fume, etc. Filter materials suitable for oily particles can also be used for non-oily particles. In addition, according to the shape of dust masks, it can be divided into duckbill dust masks, trapezoidal dust masks, disc dust masks and cup dust masks. According to their functions, there are also dust masks, gas masks, and dust masks with breathing valves. Copper copper mask production technology; the supplier of a two-sided outer ear mask machine is the most authoritative expert in the improvement of mask production technology. For decades, he has been focusing on the technical development and improvement of ultrasonic mask machines for different applications. Here, I would like to introduce the production process of dust masks. Generally speaking, according to the production capacity and cost requirements of manufacturers, the production of dust masks can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic. Semi-automatic: forming- sheath forming- welding mold cutting-Breathing valve stamping-Breathing valve welding-Sponge strip sticking-Nose bridge welding-Ear band welding-Finished product Fully automatic: Full automatic mask forming-Nose bridge strap and ear hook Integrated welding operation-breathing valve stamping-breathing valve welding-finished product. The above is a brief description of the supplier of the double-sided inner ear mask machine editor. I believe that our friends also have a certain understanding of mask filter materials for medical protective masks.
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