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Fashion masks should be discounted for protection-company news-medical technology Co., ltd.

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-01
Masks have become fashionable in the past two years. The reporter found that masks are often sold in some jewelry stores, and you can buy a colorful and fashionable mask for a few dollars. These masks are only packaged in a transparent plastic bag, and there is no information about the manufacturer on the packaging.   If the mask is not properly selected or worn badly, its protective effect will be greatly reduced. 'The current masks are made of gauze, which protect the respiratory system and prevent germs when worn. Some are made of polyester fibers and have cartoon patterns printed on the surface of the mask. This kind of mask is fashionable, but not necessarily Can protect the respiratory system.' Zhang Guojun said.   The low-priced printed and dyed masks contain chemical fibers and are printed with colorful cartoon patterns on the front, which have poor air permeability. Healthy people wearing such masks do not have much benefit to the respiratory system. Chemical fiber fabrics may irritate the bronchi. Some people will have skin allergies and nose discomfort. Some patients suffering from allergies and asthma may aggravate their condition if they wear this copper mask.
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