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For baby to choose the appropriate gauze masks and air dust

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-29
16. HTML release date: 2014 06 - 13 gauze masks have a direct bearing on the performance and the gauze layer, good performance is mainly layer more masks. Is not only the adults need gauze mask to provide protection for nose and mouth, children also need dust gauze masks to ward off the outside world. Because of the children's respiratory system development also is not very mature, so on the choice of product must be combined with the actual situation. Baby gauze masks at ordinary times can use as a small bib or saliva towel, when go out take a can give the baby in the sand, etc. , one content is multi-purpose. Better filtering effect mask permeability is poor, often can cause respiratory resistance increased, causing difficulty in breathing, so people who suffer from respiratory diseases should choose carefully. Expert proposal, should according to the exposure time in the pollution of the environment and its own situation choice type of face mask. If outdoor travel time is very short, can choose good filterability copper mask, in order to achieve the effect. And for a long time in the outdoor activities, it should be according to their own physical condition choose appropriate consideration of permeability and filterability mask. But no matter choose what kind of mask, should reduce outdoor activities in the haze weather. When wearing masks, should shave beard, and try to reduce facial muscle activity and speak, to prevent the face copper mask and facial feature. Pure cotton gauze is suitable for baby, gauze masks will wash more and more soft texture. Gauze masks have protective effect, can give an infant to protect more intimately. During the spring and autumn season climate changeful, babies to go out, can wear the masks, can wind dust-proof and exhaust; Wear when go to a hospital and other public places, avoid crossing infection and can prevent the virus. In combined with the actual situation for the baby before going out to choose the appropriate gauze masks and the healthy growth of baby is strong.
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