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In 1993, Mr. David Xu and his wife Sofia Liang established Harvest SPF Textile(Beijing)Co., Ltd. Based on the concept of ”Dress for Health, Dress for Energy”, the couple devotes themselves to the research and development, production, and trading of healthy and functional textiles worldwide. Products from the original wool thermal underwear to sweatproof undershirts, Harvest has been exporting more than 100 SKUs of products. The customer base is growing dramatically. Harvest has established long-term cooperation with clients from the United States, Russia, U.K, Chile, Australia, Germany, and North, West Europe.
In 2015, they successfully developed copper-infused compression fabrics and sold the compression sleeve to the TV tycoon “AS SEEN ON TV” for more than 1 million pcs in just 1 year.
2017, their daughter Joy Xu, who was graduated from Manchester University with Fashion Management MA degree, also took 5 years as a fashion buyer in SKP, the world's second-profitable department store, joined the company, and started to enhance online marketing.
With the rapid development of online retail platforms and social media, the structure and order characteristics of customers are gradually changing. Under the leadership of Joy Xu, the company has gradually adjusted its business strategy, actively developed new products and opened up new customer groups, and achieved remarkable sales results.

With the rich industrial experience and “internet-thinking” from the new generation, Harvest is leading the era, injecting new characteristics in traditional textiles. We make ordinary textile extraordinary.

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