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Future development and prospects of the protective mask industry

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-10
The future development and prospects of the protective mask industry Nowadays, as a firewall to prevent the spread of viruses, masks have become the rarest strategic material. Under the overall promotion of the government and relevant companies and institutions, the relevant companies responded to the country's call and actively resumed production and conversion. The rapid growth of copper mask production capacity has alleviated the shortage of masks to a certain extent. However, the overall situation is still grim, especially the rapid development of international epidemics. If masks can be reused and stored for a long time, it can not only greatly alleviate people's emergency needs and reduce environmental pollution, but also support the international fight against epidemics and support the family's long-term preservation and strategic reserves. This is very important. Considering that more than 95 mask materials currently use a large number of low-cost polypropylene meltblown materials as the core material filter layer material, the public is very worried: What is the principle of the air-filtering copper mask? What happens when the mask is charged, and how can it fail? Can civilian masks be reused? 1. The air filtration mechanism of masks can be divided into two main types, one is mechanical filtration and the other is electrostatic adsorption. Masks of different materials and filtering of different particles can be performed individually or through a mechanism. Currently, more than 95 masks use meltblown polypropylene fabric as a filter barrier, and electrostatic adsorption plays a very important role in such masks. 2. The static electricity generated by electrostatic adsorption is mainly provided by the melt-blown polypropylene fabric layer in the middle of the copper mask. Charges are injected into this layer of meltblown fabric in advance through corona electrets (some through water electrets), which can exist for a long time in normal storage. 3. The possibility of using masks multiple times depends on two factors: one is whether the viruses and bacteria in the masks can be eliminated in time. The other is to retain the charge of the mask and provide the necessary barrier properties after use and various disinfection methods. 4. According to the method recommended by the National Health Commission, soaking in hot water of 56 degrees Celsius or higher for half an hour can kill the new coronavirus. A large number of experiments have shown that this procedure has little effect on the static charge in some meltblown fabrics, and the filtering efficiency of the mask is very low. 1. How does the mask filter the air? We know that in certain seasons or environments, there are many harmful impurities in the air, which need to be filtered and purified to provide breathing, otherwise it will cause harm to the human body. In the current epidemic situation, what worries us most is the new coronavirus. The role of the mask is to filter out the new coronavirus and other bacterial particles, and to prevent the spread of droplets from person to person. filtration is mainly based on two filtration mechanisms: mechanical filtration and electrostatic adsorption (Air Clean Technology. 2015. China Electric Power Press; Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association, 1980, 30: 4, 377-381; Separation and Purification Review 2013, 42 (2 ), pages 87-129. 1. Mechanical filtration is the use of mechanical means to intercept viruses and other impurities. Mechanical filtration can be divided into the following types: A. Intercepting effect. If the mask is regarded as a sieve, particles larger than the size of the sieve It should not be passed through, which is part of the interception effect. The main target is the largest particle. B Gravity and inertia. There are some particles that can pass through the space between the fibers, but due to the inertia and gravity under the airflow, they also They will hit the fibers and be intercepted. They cannot pass through the filter material together with the air. The two are called the gravity effect and the gravity effect, and the inertia effect. These two effects also mainly act on the particles with larger mass. 2. Polypropylene fiber cloth The electret charge of Karl Ziegler (Karl Ziegler) and Giulio Natta (Giulio Natta) won the 1963 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their contributions to the synthesis of coordination polymerization catalysts and isotactic polypropylene It has been 68 years since the birth of medical sterile gauze masks. However, it was not until 15 years later that 3M, a well-known company in the field of protective masks, invented the meltblown polypropylene fabric electret for modern masks and applied for a patent (US Patent No. 4,215,682).
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