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Gauze mask use points: should not be used as a dust mask

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-23
1. HTML release date: 2013 11 - 09 state economic and trade commission had issued a 'labor protection articles equipment standard', the standard for all enterprises and individual economic organizations within the territory of unit of choose and employ persons, such as how to use the equipment, labor protection articles made specific provisions. Countries implement safety production license system for special labor protection articles. Unit of choose and employ persons the procurement, distribution and use of special labor protection articles must have safety production license, product certification and safety JianDingZheng. The employing unit shall establish and improve the labor protection articles of procurement, acceptance, storage, distribution, use, replacement, scrap management systems. Ann technology department shall confirm to the purchase of labor protection articles. Standard reference to the catalog of classification of type of work of the People's Republic of China, chose 116 jobs as the typical type of work, according to the national standard GB11651 - 89 of the labor protection articles selection rules and the type of work environment and labor conditions, clear should be equipped with labor protection articles. Other kinds of labor protection articles, can be determined with reference to the similar type of work table. Standard who engaged in a variety of operations or operation of workers in a variety of labor environment, should according to their main job with labor protection articles of the type of work and work environment. As with labor protection articles in be engaged in other work assignments or in other labor does not apply in the environment, should be to match or borrow the other labor protection articles. Standards for part of the operator of the type of work, equipped with copper mask, gauze mask shall not be used as a copper mask. Antivirus protection issue should be prescribed standards, according to the types of homework personnel may contact poison accurately choose corresponding canister ( Box) Every time, and carefully before using the check whether effective. And according to the standard provisions of the state, regularly replace the canister ( Box) 。 Standard insulating gloves and insulated shoes in addition to the timely replacement, still should do before each use insulation performance of the inspection and do once every six months the insulation performance of retest. Standards of production management, scheduling, security, security inspection and practice, foreign visitors and other relevant personnel, should according to its often enter the production area, equipped with the appropriate labor protection articles. Standards in the production equipment is damaged or fails, poisonous and harmful gas could leak workplaces, except for homework personnel equipped with conventional labor protection articles, should also be marked place necessary antivirus protection, at the scene for escape, rescue emergency use. Unit of choose and employ persons shall also have the personnel and special measures to protect leave until it is in good condition. Given a type of work in different companies may have different working environment, different actual working hours and the intensity of labor, as well as the provinces differences in climate environment, economic conditions, the standard of each type of work in the provisions of labor protection articles with species is * * * * * * equipped with standard, the use of labor protection articles period did not make specific provisions. And explains the work shall be formulated by the comprehensive administration of production safety department at the provincial level in the province of equipped with standard, according to the actual situation to raise the necessary labor protection articles, and with the provisions of the deadline. The article comes from: gauze masks, gauze, medical bandage, WWW. xxthylqx。 com
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