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Gauze mask using a big mistake, you have made?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-23
84. HTML release date: 2019 09 - 23 gauze masks everyone are very familiar with, before the arrival of winter, you will wear a mask, early can effectively prevent the cold air to the stimulating effect of the nose, this is especially important for patients with rhinitis. But you know, in addition to the life, some special jobs workers at work also can wear gauze mask, just to prevent dust attack and damage to human body. The gauze mask to prevent dust? In fact the gauze mask is not able to prevent dust. According to the experiment test, ordinary gauze masks protective effect of airborne particulate matter is poorer. For ordinary gauze mask is fiber mask, it choked flow principle is a mechanical block, through this layer mechanical block, can hold large particles, but the diameter is less than 5 micron particles stop, not to mention the PM2. Five of the particulate matter. Copper mask and dirt, it is recommended to use * * * * * * , dust filtering effect is greater than 95%. Now we realize that the special environment practitioners must wear of * * * * * *!
The use and installation of antibacterial clothing is compared with most other systems for managing the copper fabric clothing effectively and no doubt antibacterial clothing have won the race so many times.
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