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Gauze masks how bring to comfortable don't air leakage?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-22
10. HTML release date: 2014 02 - 09 wear gauze mask is to isolate the virus, prevention of * * * one of effective measures to prevent the flu. But wearing masks also want to pay attention to technology and method, is not the correct use of masks, offered no protection not only, but increases the possibility of the spread of the virus. Actually how to wear? 1, masks should Dai Zheng, along the bridge of the nose should be worn on the above, will cover nose and mouth completely, don't have a gap around. Don't wear too low, or mask belt is too loose, also don't wear too high. And children's wear a face mask may feel breathing difficulties, parents should communicate with children in a timely manner. It is important to note that once the mask off, should wear a face in the inside of the nose and mouth folded, on a clean pocket, or in a clean plastic bag. Set aside. Health department reminds, wear a face mask can really play a role, but wearing a mask can not provide complete protection against infections, therefore, should be at the same time, take frequent hand washing, and patients keep their distance, to avoid places where people gather and other preventive measures. 2, to the crowd concentration by wearing masks, healthy people don't have to always wearing a mask in everyday life. Wearing masks, the purpose is to prevent contact with h1n1 virus droplets, healthy people in nursing home quarantine patients with influenza-like symptoms, close contact with people with flu symptoms, or want to go to a hospital, stations, crowded public places have high risk of infection. Or go to the a/h1n1 flu outbreak areas, it is necessary to wear masks. 3, disposable surgical masks should be replaced every day, wearing a mask is not completely to prevent the spread of the virus in the crowd, people wear masks do not relax vigilance, after ignoring important prevention measures such as frequent hand washing. Please citizens to normal drugstore buy common surgical masks, master the correct method of use is economic and effective way of prevention. Formal channels of the gauze mask can effectively prevent the flu. Although the gauze mask can prevent bacteria, if improper wear will have bad influence. People with respiratory diseases should consult the * * * * * *, in order to obtain more * * * * * *.
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