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How can I visit Copper Plus factory?
Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd. factory is always open to customers from all over the world to take a factory or plant tour. It will help customers learn more about our manufacturing processes from assembly to quality control sessions. Customers can expect to see highly automotive machines, well-trained and dedicated workers, and manufacturing process conducted in an orderly way. Feel tempted to visit our factory? Contact us through email or phone, we will designate our staff to serve you by telling you our factory address and the methods to reach the destination.
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Copper Plus continues to advance on a daily basis in developing and manufacturing of copper bedding. We have achieved recognition as a result of excellent manufacturing ability. The copper pajamas series is one of the main products of Copper Plus. copper shirts for men is the main feature of copper men's shirts produced by Copper Plus. The product is believed to achieve great market application prospect.
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