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How do children and the elderly with weak breathing power choose professional haze masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-26
In recent years, with the increase in air pollution control, our air pollution situation has continued to improve, with more and more blue skies, and gradually we will have a sense of happiness that our breath is sweet. However, in autumn and winter, there are occasional smog attacks for a few days. People who have to go out still need to wear professional anti-smog masks to better protect our respiratory health.   What needs to be reminded is that children and the elderly, two relatively special groups, have weaker breathing power than the young and middle-aged people. When choosing professional anti-haze masks, they have higher requirements for breathability. We often see children wearing anti-haze masks when they are running and jumping, they subconsciously pull the mask down a bit to expose their small nose; we will also encounter stubborn parents who always say that wearing masks are uncomfortable, and resolutely refuses what we prepare for their parents when they go out. Anti-haze masks; we have also seen the news that old people wearing professional anti-haze masks feel bored and even start to dizzy soon after going out... Actually, it is not that children are too naughty, nor is it that the elderly are too stubborn. It is actually because of them. The breathing experience is not the same as that of young adults. The breathing power of the two groups of children and the elderly is weaker than that of young adults. Therefore, after wearing anti-haze masks that can professionally filter haze, their feeling of depression will be much higher than that of young adults. Therefore, if there are children and adults in the home, Elderly people, might as well make more effort for them to buy anti-haze masks. How should we choose specifically?    First of all, we must choose anti-haze masks that are effective for haze! At least the old national standard (GB2026-2006) KN95 level (filtration efficiency ≥95%) or the new national standard (GB/T 32610- 2016) Masks with filtering level II (filtration efficiency ≥95%) + protection level B (protection effect ≥85%) or above, otherwise the anti-haze masks are not very anti-haze, and wearing them will be meaningless. It is recommended to observe the outer packaging of the masks and purchase masks with a clearly marked export mask anti-haze level. It is recommended to give priority to masks that meet the new national standard (GB/T 32610-2016), because the new national standard adds a head model test for the protective effect. The filter material of the mask is good, but the shape of the mask is unreasonable, and the air leaks around it, so the protective effect is not very effective. Of course, if you can choose the new national standard (GB/T 32610-2016) as shown in the figure below, the filter and protection are both double-level 1 masks, then the anti-haze effect is definitely the best. (*Picture reference: anti-smog mask, the packaging clearly marked the filter efficiency level I and protection effect level A in accordance with the new national standard GB/T 32610-2016)    Secondly, considering the objective conditions of children and the elderly with weak breathing, we Choose a mask with lower breathing resistance. Many more professional anti-haze masks also clearly mark the breathing resistance of the mask on the packaging. According to the requirements of the new national standard GB/T 32610-2016, the inhalation resistance needs to be less than or equal to 175Pa, and the exhalation resistance needs to be less than or equal to 145Pa. However, for children and the elderly, we recommend that the breathing resistance should be less than half of the standard requirement. It can greatly reduce the suffocation of breathing when wearing it. (*Picture reference: anti-smog mask, the package clearly indicates that it meets the respiratory resistance test of the new national standard GB/T 32610-2016, and the test value is only 30%-40% of the standard requirement)    Finally, if economic conditions permit, in On the premise of ensuring that the product's filtration and protection effects are in compliance with the national standard test standards, you can consider buying new air masks with higher technological content on the market. Fresh air masks are often equipped with a ventilation fan, which can continuously circulate the air inside and outside the copper mask by the fan itself, which can greatly reduce the person's own resistance when breathing, and make people wear it without discomfort such as boredom.   There are several points to pay attention to when choosing fresh air masks for children and the elderly: 1. Observe whether the filter material of the mask can completely cover the mouth and nose and fit tightly with the face to form a fully enclosed filtering space. Some fresh air masks adopt the form of replacing the filter, but if the filter itself does not fit the face completely, there will be air from the non-filtering part to ventilate, which is also ineffective for anti-smog. 2. Pay attention to the weight of the fan of the fresh air mask. It is not recommended to buy a fresh air mask that is too large and heavy. Wearing a mask like a gas mask will also increase a lot of discomfort, making children and the elderly resist wearing anti-haze masks psychological.   The above are some suggestions for buying professional anti-haze masks for children and the elderly for reference. In life, sometimes it’s not as if children are too naughty and disobedient as we feel, as if old people are too stubborn and don’t listen to persuasion. In fact, we are less considerate and caring for them. , We put a little bit more work, maybe we can get them more breathing health. 286
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