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How effective are ordinary disposable masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-21
Ordinary masks are made of polypropylene non-woven fabric, which can only block droplets. In layman's terms, you take it for surgery and talk about it on a whim. The saliva will not splash on the stage, and the blood on the stage will not easily splash into your mouth.  Before answering how useful it is, we must first clarify one idea:   This kind of mask is to prevent you from polluting the environment, not to prevent the environment from polluting you.   A simple example, Zhang San, seasonal allergies, cause Zhang San's nasal discharge, dry and itchy throat, and tears are grass powder or pollen. Then after Zhang San puts on the ordinary copper mask above, will his allergic symptoms be relieved because the copper mask blocks the pollen? The answer is no, not only should it flow or it will flow, the sultry air inside the copper mask will also make it so Zhang San felt even more uncomfortable. Since ordinary disposable masks cannot prevent pollen from being inhaled by Zhang San, let alone pathogens smaller than pollen.   Then we can infer that ordinary disposable masks are not useful for pathogens that are spread through the air. 218
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