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How important is it to wear a mask during flu

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-01
The flu period is a very serious period. Apart from vaccines, is there any good way to reduce flu infection? I will share with you a simple and effective way to wear a mask today.  1. Why wear a mask   Influenza is mainly transmitted through droplets of respiratory secretions, and it can also be transmitted directly or indirectly through mucous membranes such as the mouth, nasal cavity, and eyes. Wearing a mask is an effective means to block the spread of droplets of respiratory secretions and one of the tricks to prevent influenza, especially when facing patients with respiratory symptoms such as fever, wearing a mask is very effective in preventing infection. 2. How to correctly choose to wear a mask. The types of masks that are often available on the market are: cotton masks (picture A), medical surgical masks (picture B), N95 masks [9 types certified by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) One of the anti-particulate masks. 'N' means not suitable for oily particles (the fume produced by cooking is oily particles, and the droplets produced by people talking or coughing are not oily); '95' means that under the testing conditions specified by the NIOSH standard, filter The efficiency reaches 95%. ] (Picture C), their materials are different, the filtering effect is different, so the purpose is also different.   1. Ordinary cotton masks: Basically, they do not have the function of preventing infectious diseases, but they have a certain dust-proof and warm-keeping effect. It is a good choice for people whose nasal cavity and respiratory tract are more sensitive to temperature and environment.  2. Medical surgical masks: good air permeability, dust and water blocking, light weight, can prevent splashed liquid and spray from contacting the oral cavity and nasal cavity. It is the most commonly used type of protective copper mask. 3. N95 mask: It is the most compact and ideal for covering the face. It can effectively prevent pathogens and disease-causing particles in the air from entering the respiratory tract and nasal cavity. The disease prevention and anti-haze effects are better than medical surgical masks; the disadvantage is that the air permeability is poor when worn. The respiratory resistance is relatively high, and it is not recommended for pregnant women or patients with chronic respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, nor for long-term wear.  We should choose the mask that suits us. When choosing a mask, you should pay attention to: the size of the mask should be appropriate, fit the face, the material should be the same, the thickness should be consistent with the label, the packaging should be complete, and it is best to have independent packaging. Also note that the mask should be within the shelf life. 3. How to wear a mask correctly. The next step in choosing a mask is to know how to wear a mask to prevent influenza. 1. In which situations you should wear a mask: If the flu spreads during the epidemic season, you should be at airports, subways, train stations, cinemas, shopping malls, etc. In a closed public environment, patients with respiratory symptoms should actively wear masks to reduce the spread of the virus to the surroundings. During the flu season, healthy people should wear masks when entering densely populated areas to prevent others from sneezing and coughing to expel the virus, and to avoid contaminated hands contacting their own mouth and nose to cause disease transmission, and they can be removed when they leave these environments.  2, those things before and after wearing a mask:   Wash your hands before wearing a mask or avoid touching the inner side of the mask while wearing a mask to reduce the possibility of contamination of the mask. Distinguish the inside and outside, top and bottom of the copper mask: Medical surgical masks work from the outside to the inside. The water blocking layer, filter layer, and moisture absorption layer play different roles, so pay attention to the inside and outside layers. Don't wear it in reverse, let alone wear it on both sides. Pay attention to the upper and lower sides of the mask. The upper side is a shapeable nose strip, which can increase the fit between the mask and the face and improve the filtering effect. When wearing, put the pleated side outwards and the aluminum seal upwards, and then fix the two rubber bands on both ears (Picture A). Press the metal strips on the mask tightly along the bridge of the nose and both sides of the face, so that the mask fits the face completely (Figure B), pull the folds of the open mask so that the mask completely covers the mouth, nose and chin. 3. Wash your hands before wearing it. As mentioned repeatedly, hand washing and hand hygiene are also important in preventing influenza. Research conducted at the University of Michigan found that wearing masks and washing hands among students can reduce the spread of flu-like symptoms. Reach 75%. Wearing a mask alone may not significantly reduce flu-like symptoms, which suggests that wearing a mask and washing hands should be done at the same time.
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