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How long can disposable masks last?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-23
How long can disposable masks last? Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that disposable medical masks be replaced at least every 4 hours. When masks are scarce, they can be reused if they are not contaminated or damaged. If the copper mask is wetted by liquid, contaminated or damaged, or the breathing resistance increases, it should be replaced immediately. Whether the mask can play a good protective role is not only related to the wearing time, but the correct wearing method is also very important. First of all, wash your hands before putting on the mask, or avoid touching the inside of the mask while wearing the copper mask to reduce the possibility of the mask being contaminated. When wearing a copper mask, please distinguish the inside, outside, top and bottom of the mask. The lighter side is inside. It should be close to the mouth and nose, with the dark side facing out. One end of the metal strap (nose clip) is above the mask. When wearing a disposable medical mask, please fully unfold the folded surface, completely wrap the mouth, nose and chin, and then press the nose clip to make the mask fit the face completely and minimize the gap.
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