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How long can kn95 masks be used?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-02
KN95 masks are masks with a filtration efficiency of 95% or more for non-oily particles, which can isolate viruses. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to replace it every 4-6 hours, and the maximum time should not exceed 8 hours. In addition, when the mask is damaged, deformed, cannot fit the face completely, or the breathing resistance increases, or it is sprayed, After the body fluids, secretions, etc. are contaminated, it cannot continue to be used. However, in the special period of the new coronavirus outbreak, the number of masks is in short supply. If the masks do not have the above conditions, people can appropriately extend the use time or increase the frequency of use according to the specific situation. Wash your hands before wearing the mask to avoid contamination. Masks, when going out for a short time. When the mask is clean, you can hang the mask in a dry, ventilated and hygienic environment to dry the mask and reduce the smell of the mask. You can continue to use it next time you go out, but it is not recommended to repeat it for a long time. Use, at most 3, 4 days to replace one. In addition, in order to increase the use time of the mask, some people wash it with water or use alcohol for disinfection. This is incorrect. Doing so will cause deformation of the copper mask structure and damage the filter material of the mask, which greatly reduces the filtering effect of the mask. Does not have the effect of isolating the virus. 331
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