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How long does it take to be able to use shallow of dust mask?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-16
Now natural environment pollution is more and more fierce, many users travel will wear masks, so small make up today to give users a simple introduce exactly how long it can be used together with everybody to know about the below. Disposable respirator including everyone in understanding the simple masks, also includes a maintenance-free . Maintenance-free is mainly refers to 3 m , and other products, its characteristic is not to be reused after cleaning, but it's not as disposable masks can only use a very short time. Maintenance-free replacement time no unified regulation, on the basis of environmental dust concentration, each person's use of time, the different type of the filter material should the amount of dust and other differences, N and R series of masks may be continuous or accumulated up to eight hours after the replacement, P series mask should be used in accumulative total 40 hours or 30 days after the change. Replaceable type half mask parts can be replaced, usually only filter cotton and the mask mask body don't need to change, the premise is that there is no damage and crack, this is beneficial to reduce the cost of respiratory protection. Now a lot of KN100 levels of is reusable masks, protective effect is good, the use of economic, can effectively prevent pneumoconiosis. On the market, therefore, many is indeed there is no need to replace nothing can continue to use the product. Copper mask is the respiratory protective equipment needs strict air tightness, so no matter what type requires careful maintenance use carefully, so you can complete protection performance.
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