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How long does it take to replace the dust mask?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-18
When traveling in fog and haze, protective masks are indispensable safety protection equipment. The external air quality is not the same as the ecological environment, and the selected protective masks are different. There are professional anti-PM2.5 protective masks, as well as protective masks with replaceable filters, medical masks, and pure cotton protective masks. Different types of protective masks have different lifetimes. How long does it take to replace the protective masks correctly?   Anti-PM2.5 protective masks and   Anti-PM2.5 protective masks generally need to be replaced in 2 days. Professional PM2.5 protective masks, such as N99, N95 protective masks, etc., must be replaced two days after replacement, otherwise they will not provide good protection.   In addition, this type of protective copper mask is not suitable for long-term wear, because of its good airtightness, it is easy to cause people to suffer from breathing difficulties and hypoxia. You can choose whether to wear a professional PM2.5 protective mask according to the daily air quality. If the air quality is better, you can choose ordinary dust masks.  Protective respirator with PM2.5 filter  Replaceable respirator with PM2.5 filter Generally replace the filter every 8-10 days, while the body of the protective copper mask is recommended to be cleaned every 2-3 days. This kind of protective mask is inserted into the inside of the ordinary protective mask with a filter with the functions of preventing PM2.5, dust, and bacteria. The filter is generally disposable, and the general wear time is 8 to 10 days (according to 8 hours per day) Calculation), if stains appear on the filter, it should be replaced immediately. Medical masks There are also several types of medical masks. For example, medical surgical masks worn by nurses are replaced every 4 hours; medical protective masks that are replaced in an epidemic situation are generally replaced 6-8 hours; medical masks should be discarded and removed after each replacement. Dispose of it immediately after downloading. Disposable masks Disposable masks are recommended to be replaced every 4 hours. Disposable masks are relatively common protective masks. The protective masks are divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part is the upper part with nose clip. After wearing the protective mask, pinch the nose It is tight and in close contact with the skin to prevent polluted air from entering the mouth and nose. Do not reuse disposable masks. Generally, they should be replaced every 4 hours.   In addition, some people choose to wear pure cotton protective masks, which are called gauze masks in the industry, and it is recommended to clean these protective masks in time every day. The above is the detailed introduction of how long it takes to replace the protective masks brought to you by the labor insurance net. I hope it will have a certain effect on your understanding of the frequency of protective copper mask replacement! The replacement time of protective masks also needs to be determined according to the specific replacement situation. , If the surface of the protective mask is found to be contaminated or damaged, it must be replaced immediately, regardless of whether it is time for replacement. 208
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