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How long does the medical protective mask need to be changed?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-15
How long does the medical protective mask need to be changed? Wearing a copper mask for a long time can also disrupt the skin's water and oil balance or cause allergies. Wearing a mask for more than 8 hours will increase the humidity and temperature of the mask, which is very suitable for the reproduction of bacteria. The presence of a large number of bacteria, whether harmful or harmless, will hinder the normal metabolism of the skin, causing clogged pores, destroying the balance of water and oil, and causing acne and acne on the face. Some people with allergies, because they are allergic to the mask material, may also experience skin itching, redness, and pain. For a person who needs to wear a mask for a long time, it is necessary to moisturize and maintain the skin every day. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure adequate rest to avoid further affecting the endocrine and accelerating the growth of acne. If you wear a mask all the time, your facial skin will be deformed, which will affect your face. The steel wire and string on the mask put pressure on the skin, just as the underwear will have marks after a long time, and the mask is the same. For this reason, some people still have some pain in their ears after wearing masks for a long time. The number and time of disposable masks are limited. The cumulative use time does not exceed 8 hours, and it is replaced every 4 hours on average, which means that everyone needs to prepare two masks every day and use them in turn. Now the supply of masks is abundant, the price is relatively cheap, and the use of masks cannot be saved. It is very cost-effective to exchange a small amount of money for life safety. Especially when the mask is damaged, has been to crowded places, or has nasal mucus, mucus and other substances, it needs to be replaced frequently to minimize the reuse of disposable masks.
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