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How long is it appropriate to wear kn95 masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-30
KN95 mask is the domestic copper mask standard. The non-oily filter that meets the national standard is more than 95% of the standard. It is KN95 mask. Some people know that N95 mask is the standard of the United States. It is also the standard for filtering material greater than 95%. 1. What type of mask should be used for the current Wuhan new type of coronavirus pneumonia?    There are mainly three types of standards that can resist the new type of pneumonia virus. 1. Medical surgical masks Medical surgical masks comply with the national standard GB19083-2010 mandatory standards. The filtration efficiency is greater than 95% non-oily particulates test, and it meets the penetration blood test. 2. N95 respirator N95 respirator is in line with the United States NIOSH certification for non-oily particulate matter filtration efficiency ≥95%   3. KN95 respirator meets China's GB2626-2006 mandatory standard, non-oily particulate matter filtration efficiency is greater than 95%  Second, how long can KN95 mask be used? Masks under the KN95 standard can be used for 3 days if there is no epidemic situation, but now the new type of pneumonia epidemic is more severe. The doctor’s recommendation is to replace it every 4 hours. If you go to a crowded place, it is appropriate for 1-2 hours. Replace it once.   If the KN95 mask is contaminated, such as in a crowded place or in an epidemic area, if the KN95 mask is sneezing or coughing from the other side, it is contaminated and needs to be replaced in time.  For first-line doctors in hospitals, they basically use special medical and surgical masks, goggles and protective clothing, so that they can do basic safety protection. Medical surgical masks are basically worn once and replaced when they are used next time. Now you know how long the medical KN95 mask can be used, it can usually be used for 3 days, but under the current situation, it is recommended to replace it every 4 hours. It also depends on the surrounding environment. If you are walking in the community, don’t go far. KN95 masks can be worn multiple times in some places, just change one a day, but if you are going out to a crowded place, it is recommended to change it every 4-6 hours, just 2 masks a day.   The above is a related answer on how long the KN95 mask can be used by the editor. I hope it will be useful to everyone. If you think this article is good, you may wish to share this article with your friends! 366
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