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How long is the appropriate time for a kN95 mask

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-31
The occurrence of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia has made us the public very familiar with n95 masks, and the supply of masks has been in short supply since a long time ago, especially n95 masks and medical surgical masks, which are basically not available on the market. There are masks. Some people rush to buy masks from abroad. There are also people who bought masks a long time ago. So how long is a kn95 mask suitable for?    kn95 masks have the best anti-virus effect, so kn95 masks are suitable for hospitals Of course, ordinary people can also use kn95 masks, but in daily life, ordinary people use disposable medical surgical masks or medical nursing masks. If medical staff use n95 masks, they must change the copper mask more than 4 hours. If they are just ordinary people going out, as long as they don’t go to places with infected people or places where people are mixed, then an n95 copper mask can be recycled once or twice. of.   kN95 masks do not have a fixed replacement time. The dust concentration in different environments is different, the use time of each person is different, the dust holding capacity of various kN95 masks is different, and the maintenance method of using N95 masks will affect the service life of N95 masks.   kN95 respirator is one of the nine particulate dust respirators certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. N refers to particles that are not suitable for oily; 95 refers to a filtration efficiency of 95%. If you spend a long time outdoors or in a manpower-intensive area, you generally have to change this copper mask for four to six hours. 326
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