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How many Copper Plus Compression Gear are sold per year?
Thanks to the implementation of reforming and opening up to the outside world in China and reasonable marketing strategies, we have acquired a steadily increasing annual sales volume of Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd. Compression Gear. Since 1978, China has been encouraging the policy of reforming and opening up. During this period, a lot of trading companies including Copper Plus are driven to utilize precious business opportunities to promote our brands to the world. Also, we keep learning from famous brands in the industry to improve our technical capabilities and develop our own core technologies, so as to update and level the products on a regular basis to keep up with the trend. In this way, we can attract more and more people and gain increased sales volumes per year.
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With core advantage of neck gaiter with filter, Copper Plus takes the lead in field of copper neck gaiter. Copper Plus's Compression Gear series contains multiple sub-products. our team Compression Gear has undergone many laboratory tests prior to mass production, such as dimensional stability at high temperatures, bridge deformation and lens retention, lens size, thickness and curvature. The customers of we will continue to enjoy the same service standards and warranties of Copper Gloves.
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The principle in we is we hold on to the view of Compression Gear first. Call now!

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