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How many days can Gigi foldable dust masks be used?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-26
It is the responsibility of all people on earth to care for the environment. The universal is the same as the cool and hot, and the good cause is the good result. When the smog strikes, it is best to reduce outdoor activities; when you need to go out, wear a mask as much as possible.     Smog injury VS reduced oxygen supply | Two evils are right, whichever is less.   Masks with high filtering level and good protective effect, because of their good adhesion, will inevitably reduce the oxygen that people breathe, which is what we often call stuffy. Professional masks filter out pollutants in a non-anoxic environment, but also allow people to breathe the oxygen they need. If you think you need to breathe more oxygen, then reduce or not wear a mask; if you prefer to reduce the haze damage, then choose a professional mask with good adhesion. If you are a healthy adult, you can choose to wear Jiji professional protective mask. For those who have higher requirements for comfort, you can choose a mask with a breathing valve (V). For people with breathing difficulties, such as emphysema, asthma, and heart disease, wearing a mask will artificially create breathing disorders and make the condition worse. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear a mask, or wear it for a short time under the advice of a doctor. At present, Jiji does not have protective masks specifically suitable for children, but you can choose smaller sizes of 8110S, 1860S and 9010 models, because children’s cardiopulmonary function is still in the developmental stage, it is recommended not to wear masks for a long time. If you feel unwell, Remove the mask for ventilation before continuing to use it.   Then the question is: How long can Gigi's mask be used? It feels wasteful to change diligently. If you don't change it often, you will have OCD and feel uncomfortable.   Jiji mask material is non-woven fabric and electrostatic filter material, which cannot be washed with water, otherwise the filter material will be invalid and the filtering effect will be seriously affected. If you have been in contact with an infectious disease environment, or found that the parts (nose clips, straps) are damaged, the inner layer of the mask becomes dirty, and the breathing resistance becomes so large that you feel difficult to breathe. You should replace it immediately. From an economic point of view, if the above situation does not occur, the mask can continue to be used. However, long-term use of masks will cause hygiene problems, and serious harm to infectious diseases. It is recommended to replace them every day. Of course, different environments can also be specific. The user thinks that sometimes it is wasteful to change one if it is not used. Therefore, here are some references for the use time of Gigi masks: cumulative use 40 hours or 30 days, in order to arrive early. Whichever is the case; the dust concentration is different in different dust environments, the use time of each person is different, the dust holding capacity of various dust masks are different, and the maintenance methods are different. These will affect the service life of the mask, so there is no way to uniformly specify the specifics. Replacement time. When any part of the copper mask is damaged, broken or lost (such as nose clip, nose clip pad), and the breathing resistance is obviously increased, the entire mask should be discarded.   Regarding how long the Gigi mask can be used, it is recommended to refer to:   1. From the perspective of hygiene, the recommended use time is a work shift. 2. When it feels that the breathing resistance has increased significantly, or when the mask is dirty or damaged, it needs to be discarded as a whole;   3. After contact with a patient or suspected patient, it should be replaced immediately;    It is convenient and better to use Jiji masks. The editor summarizes some About the use of Gigi masks:    protection levels are:    At present, Gigi masks on sale, the main protection levels are: KN90, KN95, N95, N100, R95, P95, FFP2, FFP3. The familiar N95 is not a mask model, but a mask filter grade. It is currently the only one tested and certified by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health). What are the models of Jiji masks:   1. Cup masks have the advantage of relatively large space inside the mask, but the disadvantage is that they are inconvenient to carry; common Jiji cup masks are: 8210 (8110S), 1860 (1860S), 8247 , 9913V, 8822 and 8577, etc. 2. Foldable masks have the advantage of being easy to carry, but the disadvantage is that the space inside the mask is relatively small; common Jiji folding masks are: 9001(V), 9002(V), 9041, 9042, 9021, 9022, 9010, 9501 , 9502, 9132, 9320, 9322 and 9332, etc. However, 9320, 9322 and 9332 are special folding masks with relatively large space. 9322 and 9332 are also equipped with breathing valves, which are relatively comfortable. Breathing valve In order to provide comfort, some of Jiji's masks are equipped with Jiji Cool Flow's patented cold flow breathing valve. Strictly speaking, masks equipped with breathing valves sacrifice a very small part of the tightness to improve comfort. Masks will always be Make a balance and trade-off between pollutants and oxygen. Wearing method 1. Head-wearing copper mask. The advantage is that the force of the belt is on the back of the head and neck, the force is even, the comfort is high, and the mask is not easy to fall off, thereby reducing the risk of infection; the disadvantage is that it is relatively inconvenient to use, especially It is for women with long hair;   2, ear-wearing masks have the advantage of being simple and convenient to use, but the disadvantage is that the stress points are in the ears, and the ears will be painful after wearing for a long time. Once the headband slips off, the entire mask is easy to fall off. It will increase the risk of infection;   3, neck-wearing mask, a compromise between head-wearing and ear-wearing, currently only one Gigi: 9005 model, KN90 grade, no breathing valve.  Can I wear a mask to do strenuous exercise  When doing aerobic exercise, the human body needs a lot of oxygen. At this time, if you wear a mask, you will artificially add a breathing barrier, reduce oxygen, and increase the burden on the heart and lungs. The gain is not worth the loss. Moreover, as the respiratory rate increases, even with mask protection, various substances will be inhaled into the respiratory tract more, including air pollutants. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear a mask for exercise. 214
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