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How many grams of kn95 mask hot air cotton

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-02
Hot air cotton is one of the materials for N95 folding masks. We all know that there are several types of N95 folding mask materials: outer non-woven fabric protective layer, filter layer hot air cotton, melt blown cloth (N95), contactable non-woven fabric, The inner layer of N95 foldable mask is generally about 3-6 layers. Among them, the weight requirements of these materials are different. Let’s talk about the general weight of hot-air cotton!   N95 mask material, the weight of hot-air cotton can be customized, but the commonly used weight of many copper mask manufacturers is: 45g Therefore, the weight of 45g of hot-air cotton is also a regular specification for Zhicheng fiber production. Too thick will affect the breathing effect, too thin is difficult, and the filling effect is insufficient, can not play the role of heat preservation and heat insulation, moisture proof, and improve the comfort of the wearer. Therefore, 45g of hot-air cotton for the mask material is just the right weight. 353
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