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How much do you know about KN95 masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-28
KN95 masks are very useful and can be used to prevent new coronavirus infections. KN95 masks are respiratory protection products that have passed my country's national standard 2626-2006, and are self-priming filter type anti-particulate absorber standard certified masks.     For non-oily particles, the general experiment used is that the protection efficiency of small sodium chloride particles is not less than 95%, and more than 95% of the particles can be blocked out of the copper mask. Among them, some of the KN95 masks with medical signs are mostly used for medical staff to protect the front line during the anti-epidemic period. Masks without medical signs are generally not recommended for medical staff. Ordinary people usually use it without problems. Use them to block droplets and air. There is no problem with the sol at all. 414
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