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How much is a disposable mask

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-11
How much is a copper copper mask 1. Install the machine and install the packaging film. Install the packaging film on the support of the film reel. The edge of the packaging film should be straight and parallel to the gap in the middle of the support frame to effectively prevent the film from deviating. 2. Turn on the power: After installing the machine in the second step, place the machine on a flat ground, plug in the power supply and turn on the main power switch, and then wait for the machine to start working. The plug connected to the machine must be connected to a ground wire to prevent leakage from the machine. 3. Parameter setting: The third step is to set the length, width, heating temperature, processing speed and other parameters of the packaging bag. 4. Material loading: Step 4 Place the single mask or multiple masks to be packaged on the pallet conveyor belt of the packaging machine, and then press the start button. 5. Packing of facial copper mask packaging machine: In the fifth step, the entire machine automatically performs film roll, bag making, conveying, sealing and finished product output, completing the packaging process at one time.
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