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How should adults choose anti-haze masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-03
With the reduction of air quality, masks have become one of the most commonly used items in daily life. Anti-haze masks can effectively protect all types of particles and other air pollutants suspended in the air, and provide respiratory protection to the wearer. Different countries and regions have different protection standards for them. Generally, they are clearly marked on the mask packaging for distinction. When choosing an anti-haze mask, you must first clarify your needs: 1. A problem needs to be clarified: smog ≠ PM2.5. PM2.5 is the general term for solid particles with a diameter of ≤ 2.5 microns in the air, and the composition of smog is very complex. The China Meteorological Administration defines haze as a large amount of smoke, dust and other particles suspended in the air, making the sky cloudy. Common disposable medical masks, cotton masks, and activated carbon masks on the market may have some effect on dust, odors or larger particles in the air, but for PM2.5 and other serious pollutants, relatively professional Protective masks; 2. The main component of smog pollution is non-oily particulate matter. You can choose ordinary dust-proof masks for daily travel, that is, masks marked with 'N' and 'KN'. People who are frequently exposed to oily particles such as oil fume, oil mist, and asphalt fume can appropriately choose masks marked with 'PThe life span of adult anti-haze masks has nothing to do with the protection level, and some high-grade masks have a larger effective filtration area because of the structure of the mask. Compared with some low-grade foldable masks, they can be effectively used for a longer time. Generally, the official will indicate the service life and duration reminder, but the final decision of the life of the copper mask is the wearing environment: when the air index explodes, a filter can hardly last for the claimed time.
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