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How to buy high-quality haze masksu200b

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-11
Anti-haze masks are a new category of masks that have emerged under the current air pollution environment in my country. They are mainly used to protect fine particles including PM2.5 in daily life. At present, smog occurs frequently in various parts of my country. Fine particles such as PM2.5 can enter the alveoli and blood, causing irreversible effects. People's awareness of protection is gradually increasing. Various types of anti-haze masks are constantly emerging on the market. Due to the lack of national standards, The vast majority of products are mixed with fish eyes and pearls, which do not meet the requirements of haze prevention at all, which also makes the choices of consumers difficult. Experts pointed out that products developed and produced by professional medical companies are trustworthy and can be chosen with confidence. How to buy: 1. Choose three-dimensional masks: First, exclude those flat medical masks and gauze masks, and secondly, flat filter masks. Only three-dimensional designs are more suitable for human faces; in addition, experts say, 3M The copper mask of the product is just a simple imported product, and the structural design does not fit the face of the Chinese. It is definitely uncomfortable and unsightly to wear. 2. Description of the filtering effect: Here we must pay attention to the purchase channel and product packaging. First, we must choose the formal channel of the pharmacy, because the text content written on the packaging after their screening is certified and reliable; secondly, look at Whether the packaging has passed the GB2626 test instructions, if there is, it proves that the filtering effect is indeed passed. 3. Masks must be sterilized: This is probably a problem that most consumers ignore. Are the masks we wear really hygienic? The masks are worn from the production line to the packaging, and finally to the opening of the packaging. If the intermediate links are not sterilized, Then there is no guarantee that the mask is truly clean. Unlike clothes, masks directly touch the oral and nasal cavities, so hygiene is very important. So how to judge, the easiest way is to see whether each mask has an independent sterilization package, and secondly, to see the product package description in the pharmacy. Finally, don't choose all kinds of fancy and cute masks on the market as anti-haze products. This type of product is only designed for beauty and warmth, and does not have the function of anti-haze.
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