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How to choose a mask for good effect in haze days?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-07
How to choose a mask for good effect in haze days? Air pollution has caused many harms to everyone's daily life and physical and mental health, and it also hurts young children. If you must go out in the haze weather, it is best to wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling all kinds of fine particles and harmful substances. However, children’s respiratory system and lungs are more sensitive. How to choose a protective mask that can block PM2.5 without increasing respiratory resistance?    1. Under what circumstances do I need to wear a protective mask?    In extremely severe haze weather, The visibility is less than 1 km, and the naked eye can generally judge that you should wear a mask when you go out. However, when the naked eye cannot judge, we can actually guide us to wear protective masks based on PM2.5 indicators. According to air quality standards, for people who are prone to allergies and weakened resistance, when the concentration of PM2.5 is greater than 75, that is, a light source of pollution, it is recommended to wear protective masks; when the concentration of PM2.5 is greater than 115, that is, moderate When the pollution is high, it is best for the general population to wear PM2.5 protective masks when going out.   2. What kind of protective masks can block PM2.5?    The popular PM2.5 protective masks currently on the market include medical masks, gauze masks, activated carbon masks and professional N95 protective masks.  Medical masks are highly hydrophobic and breathable, and have a significant filtering effect on microscopic virus-carrying aerosols or harmful dust. The overall filtering effect is good. The materials used are non-toxic, harmless and comfortable to wear. However, our common medical masks that can be bought in pharmacies have lower requirements for the filtration efficiency of particles and bacteria than medical surgical masks and medical protective masks, that is to say, the filtration efficiency is less than 30%, and there is a certain degree of PM2.5 and other fine particles. Filtering effect, if you want better filtering effect, you can buy a style with more layers. The blocking principle of    gauze mask is a mechanical blocking effect. Through this layer of mechanical filtering, large particles can be blocked, but the defense effect is relatively weak for those with a diameter less than 5 microns. 3. How to choose a suitable size for children's multi-protective masks 1. Although studies have shown that N95 protective masks are significantly more resistant to PM2.5 than ordinary cotton protective masks, because this kind of protective mask has very good airtightness, Blocking the baby's nose and mouth can easily lead to poor breathing. Babies still don’t express their discomfort. Once parents do not pay attention, there is a danger of suffocation. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended to wear a protective mask made of pure cotton for babies under 6 years old. 2. According to the texture and layer, the commonly used medical masks are usually made of absorbent cotton sand cloth folded in several layers and stitched. The three-layer sand cloth medical mask can block 70% to 80% of the bacteria, and the six-layer sand cloth medical mask can block almost 100%. % Of bacteria. Try not to choose exquisite cartoon protective masks. Exquisite protective masks are printed with various cartoon patterns on the front, which endangers air permeability. Healthy people wearing such protective masks are not good for the respiratory system. In addition, cartoon protective masks contain too much fiber and low cotton content, which is easy to generate static electricity and damage facial skin. People with skin diseases may have skin allergies. In addition, the isolation gauze used in exquisite protective masks has only 3-5 layers, which makes it difficult to effectively filter viruses and dirt in the air. 3. The key to the filtering effect of size selection protective masks lies in the nose. Different sizes of protective masks should be selected according to the age of the baby. If the protective copper mask is too small, pathogens, dirt, and pollution sources will easily enter from the edge of the protective mask or the gap between the sides of the nose. Hazard filtering efficiency. 4. Protective masks cannot be used continuously inside and outside. Protective masks can only be used on one side. The outer membrane of the worn protective mask often accumulates many dirt, bacteria and other dirt in the outside air, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria, Saliva, therefore, is aimed at the cleaning of protective masks. Therefore, whether protective masks should be used continuously on both sides. Be careful to suck the dirt contaminated by the outer membrane into the human body when it is directly attached to the cheeks and become a source of infection. At the same time, the worn protective masks should be cleaned once a day, and should be exposed to the sun or be irradiated with a purple lamp to disinfect as much as possible.
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