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How to choose a PM2.5 mask

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-03
Every winter, because of the weather, everyone is faced with choosing masks, so how to choose PM2.5 masks? 1. Common degreasing gauze masks on the market can block large particles, and gauze with a diameter of less than 5 microns cannot block, let alone PM2.5. 2. Disposable medical masks are not suitable to prevent PM2. Disposable medical masks are made of thin non-woven fabrics, used for hygiene, and mainly used for daily hygiene protection of medical staff. There are usually three layers, the inner and outer layers are filter paper-like, and the middle layer is non-woven. 3. Degreasing gauze masks are not suitable for preventing PM2.5. Sewn with skim gauze as raw material, it has a soft texture and good air permeability. For general health protection, there are 12 layers, 16 layers, 18 layers, 24 layers and other different specifications. This type of copper mask is made by folding and sewing different layers of gauze. The gauze layer is used to block particles, but this blocking effect is extremely poor. If it is used to keep warm, it can be used and cannot be used as a PM2.5 copper mask. 4. Cotton masks are not suitable for preventing PM2.5. The inside of the mask is made of two layers of cotton cloth and a layer of lint. This kind of mask usually only has the function of keeping warm, and the so-called dustproof refers to larger dust particles, which is not suitable for haze weather. 5. Professional PM2.5 mask for protecting against PM2.5. The N95 mask is one of the nine anti-particulate masks certified by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health). 'N' means that it is not suitable for oily particles; '95' means that the filtration efficiency reaches 95% under the test conditions specified in the NIOSH standard. That is, when testing the N95 mask with 0.3 micron sodium chloride particles, the blocking rate must be greater than 95%. When testing the tightness of the wearer’s face, make sure that when the PM2.5 mask is close to the edge of the face, air can enter and exit through the copper mask. 'N95 mask' can block 0.3 micron particles, so it can also prevent 2.5 micron particles.
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