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How to choose adult anti-smoke masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-28
Manufacturer of anti-smog masks. Anti-smog masks emerge in endlessly in the market, but the effect of anti-smog masks is far from satisfactory. Therefore, many people face problems when choosing masks and do not know which mask is suitable for them. The choice of anti-smoke masks is mainly based on the filtering effect and wearing comfort. The filtering effect of a mask depends on the level and tightness of its filtering material. Now let us briefly introduce how to choose adult anti-smoke masks.   First look at the packaging font of the product. If it is true, the packaging is beautifully printed, the font is clear, the fake appearance is dark, and the font of the mask is also clearly visible. Fake masks will have blurred fonts and even ghosting. Second, the workmanship and feel of real masks are integrated, while fake masks are cut and layered. Real masks feel hard and bumpy to the touch. The fake soft flat Hua, the real masks are generally white and the fake masks are dark and yellowish. When the real mask is worn, the nose can smell of activated carbon fiber material, but the fake one does not.   Regarding paper masks, improving their core competitiveness is the key. The core component of the haze in the haze is the smoke and dust suspended in the air, which can directly enter and adhere to the human respiratory tract and lung lobes. Therefore, it can cause bronchitis and other respiratory tract. As we all know, smokers are 60% more likely to develop lung cancer than ordinary people, and smog contains more harmful particles, so smog is more likely to cause cancer than smoking. With the increase of PM5, the haze will be invisible to the human system. It is worth noting that the haze is far greater for children than adults. The composition of smog is very complex, containing various fine particles and toxic substances harmful to the human body, which can enter directly through the respiratory system, even the lungs, affect the human respiratory system, easily cause bronchitis, aggravation and other respiratory tract; induce brain, Diseases such as nasal cavity. Tips The main components of smog are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Among them, the particulate matter is what we often call PM. And we often say PM5. The anti-haze copper mask needs to be correctly distinguished from the front and the back when in use. The front and the back cannot be used alternately, because the outer layer of the mask will gather a lot of dust, bacteria and other pollutants in the outside air when it is used, and the inner layer will block the exhalation. Bacteria and saliva, if used interchangeably, will cause external pollutants to enter the mouth and nose, thereby entering the respiratory tract, and affecting human health. When buying, people tend to ignore the production date and feel that the production date of the anti-haze mask is not that important, but it also has a shelf life. If it can’t be used again after the expiration date, pay attention to whether the packaging is complete. Do not use or purchase after the site is damaged. Paper masks, while normal people’s breathing volume is only 8-10 liters per minute when they are stationary, and no more than 30 liters during exercise. For ordinary people, the industrial standard requirements are obviously too high. In addition, whether the mask meets the standard is related to the structural design. Pay attention to filtration standards, and it is inevitable to sacrifice comfort. 'There are currently no standards for civilian masks, and the application of industrial standards is considered too demanding. What kind of anti-haze masks are suitable? For this, the National Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision Gong Guozhuo, chief inspector of copper mask products at the Inspection Center, told reporters: 'The key is whether breathing is smooth. Generally, the main pollutants in the atmosphere are mainly non-oily particulate matter. When comparing the balance of price, protection and comfort, it is sufficient to choose the kn90 series of masks. Nowadays, many cold and warm anti-haze masks have a good resistance. The height of the dust's high efficiency should be regulated by its isolation efficiency for fine dust, especially for aspirating dust below 5 mm, because the dust of this size can enter the bronchus immediately.
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