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How to choose an anti-haze mask when the haze weather is here

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-14
Relative to the haze, the hazards have long since been shocking at the beginning to become a bit numb. But relative to this point of harm, it still needs infinite elaboration, hoping to let everyone choose the correct method to protect themselves in the emphasis again and again. There are more than 20 kinds of fine particles that are harmful to the body and toxic chemicals in the haze. Most of the floating particles in the haze are small and can directly use the respiratory system to enter the respiratory tract and even the lungs. Ministry, bring all kinds of diseases to people.   At the same time, in the haze weather, the air pressure decreases, the inhalable particles in the air increase sharply, the air mobility is poor, and the speed of harmful bacteria and viruses spreading to the surroundings slows down, resulting in an increase in the concentration of viruses in the air and a high risk of disease transmission.   The matter of wearing a copper mask when going out may not need to be emphasized again, but you must use the new national standard A-level protective mask.    What is the new national standard?   N95 standard, commonly known as the old national standard, was originally a protection standard developed by Europe and the United States based on industrial needs. However, the domestic smog is getting more and more serious. The demand for anti-smog is no longer an industrial demand, but a daily consumer demand. Therefore, after many years of preparation, the new national standard test standard, known as the most stringent in history, was officially released in 2017!    Why the new national standard test Known as the most stringent in history? The so-called KN95 of the old national standard only requires the filtration efficiency to reach 95% or more. Look at our new national standard. The value of 95% only represents the filtration efficiency level II, and the filtration efficiency level I requires that it can reach 99%, and increase the test of oily medium. In fact, as far as haze pollution is concerned, oily media such as oil fume and automobile exhaust are more harmful to the human body, while traditional KN95 masks are industrial standards and often only have a filtering effect on saline media. The labor insurance anti-haze copper mask, the test result of the filtration efficiency of the salty medium can reach 99.9%, and the test result of the oily medium filtration efficiency can reach 99.6%, far exceeding the new national standard filtration efficiency level I test standard!    In addition, new The national standard test adds a protective effect test. Many masks have a good filtering effect, but the masks are not tightly fitted to the face, and air leaks around them. No matter how good the filtering effect is, it is useless. The new national standard test standard has properly added a protective effect test, which requires our anti-smog Masks must not only filter well, but also must be tightly protected! Let’s understand the new national standard's protection effect:    The new national standard defines the protective effect of A-level masks to achieve ≧90% protection. How about the protective effect of labor insurance? Salt The protective effect of sexual medium is 97%, and the protective effect of oily medium is 95%, which is still far higher than the new national standard which is said to be the most stringent in history.    Labor Protection's anti-smog masks are made of 6 layers of high-quality imported fabrics, which provide effective protection while ensuring the skin-friendly and comfortable masks.  The first and sixth layers are made of skin-friendly and soft pp cotton, which is skin-friendly and soft, protects the skin, and brings enough comfort. The middle 4 layers use melt blown cloth. The outermost layer of melt blown cloth can filter large particles, filtering particles as small as 0.1 microns from the inside to the outside, and there is a layer of electrostatic cotton to block bacteria.  Labor Protection’s 6-layer filter material adopts a design scheme of layered filtration, each layer filters different levels of particulate matter, so that the dust holding rate of the entire mask is higher and the breathing is more comfortable. Regardless of the 7-layer filter material, due to the high quality of the material and the scientific design, the air resistance of the labor protection mask is very small!   The inhalation resistance required by the new national standard is ≦175Pa, and the suction resistance of the labor protection mask is only 71Pa; new The expiratory resistance required by the national standard is ≦145Pa, and the expiratory resistance of the labor protection mask is only 47Pa. 248
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