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How to choose an anti-smog mask

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-04
When choosing a copper mask, you must first consider the degree of fit between the mask and your face. The better the fit between the mask and the face, the better the protective effect. When buying, choose regular e-commerce, pharmacies, supermarkets and other businesses to avoid buying substandard products.   In addition, when choosing a mask, try to pick a mask with a nose clip. Since the nose is raised, a nose clip can solve the problem of nose air leakage. When choosing, you can’t blindly believe in celebrity effects or foreign brands. Some masks are not designed to prevent PM2.5, so they can’t provide protection.  When choosing masks, you can choose masks with corresponding protection levels according to different air pollution levels. Although 'super-grade' protective masks have stronger protective performance, their breathing resistance is also greater. When the inhalation resistance is too large, people may experience dizziness, chest tightness and other discomfort symptoms.
Why wearing a mask can prevent infectious diseases?
(1) Avoid spreading viruses or bacteria to others.  1. It is easy to spread pathogens when coughing and sneezing  2. Wearing a mask can reduce the spread of droplets   (2) Prevent yourself from being infected by viruses or bacteria.   1. Masks have the function of filtering particles such as dust and droplets.     2. Different masks have different filtering efficiencies and different uses.     (3) Masks mainly prevent diseases that are transmitted by air or droplets.  1. Masks are not a panacea for preventing disease transmission  2. The most important thing to prevent disease is to pay attention to personal hygiene
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