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How to choose anti-smog masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-29
Due to environmental pollution, smog has become a major hidden danger to human health. People who still like to travel outdoors will choose to wear anti-smog masks. In recent years, anti-smog masks have emerged in endlessly. How to choose a suitable mask has become a problem. Just tell everyone to choose anti-smog masks in pharmacies, master these points, and choose the right anti-smog masks to protect your respiratory health. 1. Choose a certified anti-haze mask and check whether the mask has passed the GB2626 test instructions. If there is, it proves that the filtering effect has passed; 2. Check whether the anti-haze copper mask has independent packaging. Also read carefully the product packaging instructions of the mask; 3. Choose an anti-particulate and anti-haze mask. Choose a copper mask with a three-dimensional design, because a mask with a three-dimensional design is more in line with the shape of a person's face. In addition to the filtering effect of the material on the PM2.5 of the anti-haze mask, there are two key factors: 1. Whether it sticks to the face. Whether there is air leakage around the nose and chin, the anti-haze effect of masks that do not seal well on the face is greatly reduced. 2. Whether breathing is unobstructed. If you do not breathe smoothly, you will have a noticeable feeling of holding your breath, and the water vapor will increase, and friends with glasses will cause the glasses to fog.

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