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How to choose dust masks for flour mills?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-14
Which kind of dust mask is good? How do flour mills choose dust masks? Although companies have adopted some technical precautions to increase their awareness of protection, due to economic costs, practitioners will still be exposed to a large amount of dust on the work surface. Feeling cheap, the masks worn by workers are mostly disposable masks. Workers believe that as long as they wear a mask, they can prevent dust from damaging the lungs. So, is this statement true? Which kind of copper mask is good? How to choose dust mask?    Which kind of dust mask is good? KN100 dust mask will effectively prevent dust from harming the lungs. Which kind of dust mask is good? How do flour mill workers choose copper mask?    Which kind of dust mask is good? First of all, dust masks are special labor protection products, so the national standard GB2626-2006 'self-priming filter type anti-particulate respirator' It must be implemented. Only masks that meet this standard can be used for occupational protection. At present, many masks on the market are not certified by the standard. Therefore, when you are entangled in choosing which dust mask is good, you can ask the merchants first. Whether it meets national standards.   Which kind of dust mask is better? Secondly, pay attention to the protection level of dust copper mask. According to the national standard, dust masks can be divided into three grades: KN100, KN95, and KN90. KN stands for anti-non-oily particles, and the value represents the protection efficiency. The larger the value, the better the effect. For example, the protection efficiency of N95 dust masks is>95%, and there is a miss rate of about 5%. It is recommended that you wear a KN100 dust mask on the work surface with high dust.   Which kind of dust mask is better? Third, pay attention to the adaptability of the mask. In order to reduce costs, some companies have only one universal model of copper mask, and this mask cannot adapt to everyone. A good dust mask can be closely integrated with the face and has a low air leakage rate. Because the faces of users are different, a copper mask of one design may not be suitable for everyone, some people wear it tightly, and some people cannot. Therefore, the so-called general-purpose masks are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy dust masks of different sizes.   Which kind of dust mask is better? Fourth, pay attention to the comfort of the mask. The comfort of dust masks is the basis for determining whether they can be worn for a long time. Compared with other non-silicone materials, silicone material is softer and more comfortable, and it is not easy to cause skin allergic reactions. Masks made of non-silicone materials have higher hardness and are likely to cause facial indentation. Only wearing comfortably can improve our work efficiency. 383
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