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How to choose masks for children in haze days

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-27
We all know that the haze will definitely cause harm to the body, so it is best to stay indoors in the winter haze and reduce going out. However, the smog is continuous for several days, and it is still unavoidable to take the child out. It is best to wear a suitable mask to the child when going out to reduce the haze to the child. However, children under 3 years old are advised not to wear anti-haze masks, because the baby's breathing power is weak, and the better the anti-haze masks, the oxygen intake will be correspondingly lower.   Which masks are invalid    1. For example, masks made of cotton, non-woven or similar silk or velvet, or masks that are washable and reusable, are invalid.  2. Masks that are filtered by activated carbon and carbon sheet are invalid, and they can only prevent dust, not smog.  Safety considerations  When choosing a copper mask suitable for children, you must pay attention to the absence of metals such as iron, aluminum nose clips, cord nails, etc., as well as sharp or easily broken exhalation valves, which can sometimes hurt people.  How to choose effective anti-smog masks  Because winter is the season of severe smog, for lively children, it is impossible to stay at home every day, so how to choose effective anti-smog masks?  1. The copper mask should have less air leakage and high tightness.   The 'tightness' of the copper mask is the key to the real anti-haze mask. Unsealed masks, no matter how high the PM2.5 protection rate of the mask itself is, it is useless. When breathing, all the air enters through the air leak.  2, low breathing resistance   Because children's breathing power is not as high as that of adults, the breathing resistance of masks is very important. Therefore, anti-haze masks must not only have a good effect, but also breathe easily. It feels easy to breathe with me, and the child does not show any discomfort.  3. Safety considerations   Masks cannot have sharp breathing valves or sharp metal strips. Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to research and development and production in the health field. The company takes science and technology and love as its philosophy, and takes safety masks, Aimetis Le Vision, Niu Lida infants and children, Le Feng medical equipment as the company's core business, escorting human health. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company's honest attitude, excellent product quality and perfect service have been recognized by the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.
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