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How to distinguish between true and false activated carbon masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-20
At present, there are many counterfeit activated carbon masks on the market. Even if the skin looks like a dark black activated carbon cloth, in fact, this activated carbon mask is only processed by dyeing agents, and cannot absorb odor or poisonous gas at all. The activated carbon layer in a real activated carbon copper mask is activated carbon particles or activated carbon fibers that have been carbonized and activated at a high temperature.  Identification method: Cut the used activated carbon copper mask, remove the black activated carbon layer, and burn it with a lighter. If there is no residual activated carbon particles or activated carbon fiber, it is a counterfeit and inferior product with no absorption effect. Activated carbon masks are also respiratory protection products of the gas mask type. Compared with dust masks, their safety protection characteristics are stronger and their application scenarios are wider. Activated carbon mask characteristics. Activated carbon masks are used in most chemical plants or chemical laboratories. Is it necessary to use activated carbon masks in all workplaces? This is an incorrect concept. If there is no organic gas or odor in the workplace , Or toxic dust, etc., it is not suitable to use masks containing activated carbon to save expenditure and reduce costs.  Activated carbon mask function  The main function of the filter layer of the activated carbon mask is to absorb organic gas, malodor and toxic dust, not for filtering general dust. Therefore, if the workplace only contains dust pollution, please use a copper mask that meets the national standards. It is economical and comfortable to breathe. It is not necessary to spend more money to buy activated carbon masks with higher prices and higher respiratory resistance.   Of course, if your workplace contains organic gases, foul smells and toxic dust, try to use activated carbon masks. Tinghe Labor Insurance Network recommends that the user company has taken effective occupational disease safety protection measures against the occupational hazards of the workplace. However, considering the current economic and technical issues, some workplaces are still likely to harm employees’ physical and mental health. Health hazards of occupational diseases.   Therefore, the employing company should still provide private occupational disease protection products for employees in these workplaces, and these private occupational disease protection products must meet the requirements for the prevention of occupational diseases. Activated carbon masks that do not meet the requirements shall not be used. 237
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