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How to distinguish the authenticity of kn95 masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-23
How to identify the authenticity of kn95 masks? Many friends still don't know. The following editor of labor insurance download compiled a tutorial on how to identify the authenticity of kn95 masks for everyone, let's take a look.  How to identify the authenticity of kn95 masks   1. First of all, kn95 is a copper mask with a comparatively good level of protection. There must be no smell. If it has some peculiar smell, it must be a fake and fake mask.  2. Then look at the printed handwriting on the mask. Because 95 mask silk is laser printed, the font on the print has traces of laser corrosion. Counterfeit and inferior products will not have this.  3. Another thing is to look at the difference on the copper mask packaging. If the font on the mask packaging has no light transmittance or the printing color has color difference, it must be wrong.  4. Looking at the quality of masks, there is definitely no problem with the quality of regular masks. The indentation will be very deep, while the pseudo-type does not have such a deep indentation. And there is really nothing printed inside the kn95 copper mask.  5. The last one is that we check the medical information website based on the detailed information or number information of the mask. This is definitely not a problem, and there must be a remark on the product information on the website. 342
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