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How to distinguish the level of dust masks and how to choose?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-17
At present, there are many kinds of protective masks on the market. Before you can buy protective masks, you need to know the protection level of protective masks and how to choose protective masks. In addition, different types of protective masks are worn differently. The reasonable way to wear protective masks can finally more effectively prevent the respiratory tract damage of the body such as dust and other fine particles. Regardless of the price of the copper mask, whether it is a well-known brand or not, only the one that suits you is more suitable.  Protection level of protective masks  The protective masks on the market are mainly divided into industrial, medical and civilian use. Industrial protective masks comply with the standard of GB2626-2006 'Respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter type anti-particulate respiratorFor fine particles, it is divided into two series, KN u200bu200b(anti-oily particles) and KP (anti-oily and oily particles), each series is divided into three grades of 90, 95, and 100. For example, KN95 means sodium chloride with a diameter of 0.075 microns The particle filtering effect is ≥95%. How to choose protective masks: Select protective masks marked with GB2626-2006 and GB19083-2010 standards to protect against PM2.5. Medical surgical masks, ordinary medical masks, and cotton/gauze protective masks have a good filtering effect on PM2.5. Low, it can only play a certain barrier effect, and the protection effect is not good; activated carbon masks are mainly used to prevent peculiar smell, and cannot prevent particles.  How to wear protective masks  Here is a more common earband type protective mask as an example to illustrate:   1. Facing the side of the protective mask without nose clip, pull one earband with both hands so that the nose clip is above the protective mask.  2, put a protective mask against the chin.  3. After pulling the ear straps to the ears, adjust the ear straps of the copper copper mask to feel as comfortable as possible.  4. Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the metal nose clip of the protective mask, while pressing inward, move the fingertips to both sides along the nose clip until the nose clip is completely pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose. Pinching the nose clip of the protective mask with only one hand may affect the tightness of the protective mask.  5. The user remembers to check the adhesion of the protective mask to the face:   a) Cover the protective mask with both hands to avoid affecting the position of the protective mask on the face.  B) If a protective mask has no exhalation valve, exhale quickly; if a protective mask has an exhalation valve, inhale quickly.  C) If air leaks from the bridge of the nose, readjust the nose clip according to step 4; if air leaks from the edge of the protective mask, readjust the headband; if a good fit cannot be obtained, repeat steps 1-4.  D) If there is no leakage, it is reasonable to wear. Precautions for the use of protective masks 1. The use of protective masks should be carried out in accordance with their instructions. When wearing, they must completely cover the nose, mouth and chin, and keep the protective masks close to the face;   2. People with heart or respiratory system difficulties (such as Asthma, emphysema), dizziness, breathing difficulties and sensitive skin after wearing, it is not recommended to wear protective masks to minimize outdoor activities;   3. It is not suitable to wear protective masks with high filtering effect when cycling or fitness exercises, so as not to cause If you have difficulty breathing, please use the authentic website to buy qualified protective masks.  4. Dust protective masks are very easy to be contaminated. Be careful to change them on time. Wearing the same protective mask for a long time or wearing it upside down can cause the stolen goods on the protective mask to be sucked into the body, which can lead to disease symptoms. The above is an introduction to the specific content of protective masks and selection methods brought to you by the editor of the labor insurance network. I hope it will be helpful to your understanding of protective masks! Regardless of any type of protective masks, after wearing protective masks properly, It is necessary to carry out the positive pressure wear and tightness test of the protective mask. 212
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