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How to distinguish the type of dust mask?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-25
Masks are mainly personal protective equipment used to protect external dust and harmful substances from being inhaled into the respiratory tract. According to the application, the copper mask products are mainly divided into four categories: dust-proof masks, medical protective masks, medical surgical masks and thermal masks. Due to the wide variety of masks sold on the market and their different functions, the market is mixed, often causing people to be at a loss when choosing masks. In today's severe air pollution, we should not only pay attention to protection in industrial production, but also pay more attention to it in daily life. Purchasing dust masks, particle masks and even professional masks is no longer a matter for the construction, manufacturing, stone and wood industries.  How to choose a high-quality ? Because industrial production will produce a lot of dust or gas, these dust and gas may cause great harm to the health of workers. At this time, it is very necessary to choose a suitable mask. There are various types of industrial dust masks, and the selection must be based on different operating requirements and working conditions. There are many kinds of masks on the market, which can be roughly divided into: medical protective masks, medical disposable masks, ordinary non-fat gauze masks, particle-proof masks and dust-proof masks.   1. Dust masks are mainly used to protect various particulate air pollutants such as dust and smoke. Dust masks can reduce diseases such as pneumoconiosis and chronic poisoning caused by air pollutants generated in the work environment entering the human body through the respiratory tract. Medical protective masks are mainly used to reduce the risk of doctors being infected by respiratory-transmitted diseases and blood splashes at work.  2. Medical surgical masks are mainly used to prevent the contamination of surgical wounds by bacteria expelled when medical staff breathe and speak, and it can also prevent the contamination and infection of doctors by blood and body fluid splashes produced during surgery. The thermal mask, as the name suggests, mainly protects against cold and keeps warm. It is highly breathable and comfortable to wear. It is a must-have for winter travel. 3. Because different types of dust masks are used for different purposes, the corresponding product standards and product parameters are also completely different. Therefore, it is wrong to use the national standard of anti-particulate masks to test the PM2.5 filtration efficiency of thermal masks. It can be said that it is Zhang Guan Li Dai, the wrong target.  4. If you want to purchase high-quality dust masks, you must pay attention to the appearance and shape of the masks. The surface of the masks is clean and uniform, free of damage and stains, odorless and tasteless, and the size is consistent with the size of the standard specifications. At the same time, you must check the basic information of the product. In addition to the product name, specification model, manufacturer, implemented standard number, and product approval number, you must also pay attention to the production date and validity period. Generally, the validity period of masks is two years. In addition, the independent small package can ensure clean and hygienic.
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