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How to go through the Compression Gear customization?
A smooth customization service flow is the guarantee for a company to attract customers. Harvest SPF Textile Co., Ltd. now has formulated a complete set of customization service system. The first step is communication between both parties and the requirements collection. It's necessary for us to know the exact requirements of customization information like color, shape, and accurate specifications. The second step goes to sample making. We will deliver the sample to customers within the appointed time. Then, the next step is sample confirmation and contract signing. Every detail will be stated clearly in the contract which is confirmed by both parties. The last step is quality checking and finished products shipment. We promise the finished customized products will be delivered to customers safe and sound.
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With the years of continuous efforts, Copper Plus takes a stride in the development of compression gear. Copper Plus's Compression Gear series contains multiple sub-products. The product is known for its shock absorption. It can absorb the stress or impact on the feet, hence to offer a certain buffering effect. The support of sound quality assurance system in Copper Plus facilitates the higher quality of Compression Gear.
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