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How to identify the anti-counterfeit labels of medical protective masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-14
How to identify the anti-counterfeiting labels of medical protective masks? With the continuous development of society, air pollution has become more and more serious, causing many people to wear dust masks when traveling. It is for this reason that many people will buy dust masks. However, many people do not know how to identify the anti-counterfeiting labels of dust masks. The following editor of disposable masks will give users a brief introduction. In order to achieve safety, comfort and economic protection, we recommend that you choose KN100 and KN95 dust masks; try to choose masks with Los Angeles certification. Only a certified dust mask is needed to ensure a firm protection level; try to choose a half-face mask with a silicone body. Comfortable to wear, low breathing resistance. Only in this way can you get out of the haze weather, give yourself a healthy life, and give your own health extra points. The anti-counterfeiting label of 3M copper mask adopts a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies, including telephone query of digital anti-counterfeiting identification code, digital anti-counterfeiting of QR code and 3M unique eC2C color-changing film, which is used for anti-counterfeiting of 3M dust copper mask or security of packaging box seal. 16-digit anti-counterfeiting identity code, coating secret scratch card design, customers can inquire through 400 phones; QR code digital choice of two-dimensional code and coating secret scratch design, corporate inspectors can take photos through the App software method to facilitate the completion of the shopping mall Check; 3MeC2C color film is marked with a 3m mark. When scrolling, the colorless part of the label will change from colorless to blue-green, and the red and black parts will melt into one color. The anti-counterfeiting mark is suitable for a variety of high-end anti-counterfeiting technologies, is intuitive and easy to identify, and is beneficial to anti-counterfeiting.
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