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How to store the mask in use?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-22
How to store the mask in use? I saw people hoarding masks in large numbers. It is good to have such a sense of worry. Now, China's epidemic prevention and control has achieved preliminary results, but the editor found that many people have misunderstandings about masks, so it is necessary to teach everyone a lesson. If you still take off the mask and put it on as you like, hang it under your chin and eat it, and put it in your wallet, then you must pierce your ears in this lesson, because these practices are wrong! How to store the mask in use? If you buy a mask with a separately sealed packaging bag, it is very convenient to carry it with you. You can wear the mask when not in use, and discard it with the copper mask after use. If the purchased mask is not individually packaged, it is recommended to store it in a clean dry paper bag or box, such as a clean envelope. It is recommended to replace it every day. If conditions permit, you can also use copper mask storage boxes, cloth bags or ordinary plastic boxes to store masks, but you must remember that they must be cleaned and disinfected every day. What should I do if I don’t have the right mask storage tools at hand? Spread a clean paper towel on the inside of the mask you removed, fold it in half and tie it tightly, and finally wrap it with a paper towel to isolate bacteria to a certain extent. After a meal, as long as the paper towel is handled, the mask can be reused, which is convenient and hygienic. Use the mask storage box correctly to avoid storing clean masks and contaminated masks in the same storage box to avoid cross-infection with bacteria. For masks that have been used for a period of time and need to be stored temporarily, it is recommended to fold the inside of the mask in half and store it in a box. When storing a clean copper mask in the storage box, it is recommended to open the outside of it. Keep the storage box of used masks dry and clean. The storage box is disinfected every day and dried in a ventilated place. Pay attention to hand hygiene. Please disinfect your hands before removing the mask from the storage box. When removing the mask, avoid touching the inside of the mask with your fingers.
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