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How to use anti-smog masks for the best effect

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-29
With the recent foggy weather. Anti-smog masks, PM2.5 masks, are selling well, but can ordinary anti-smog masks and PM2.5 masks really block the damage caused by smog to the human body? At present, it is believed that the most harmful particulate matter to human health in smog is the inhalable particulate matter (PM10) with a diameter of less than 10 microns, especially the inhalable particulate matter (PM2.5) with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns. For these tiny particles, the filtering effect of anti-smog masks is worthy of recognition. In the production standard of anti-smog masks, the test sample for particulate matter is sodium chloride aerosol with a diameter of 0.075 microns, and the filtration rate of qualified anti-smog masks for this aerosol should be above 99.99%. Therefore, if you wear PM2.5 bamboo fiber masks correctly, even if the Air Quality Index (AQI) reports heavy pollution, we can rest assured when we go out. So try not to choose disposable surgical masks or disposable masks on the market, because these types of masks are useless for dust prevention and can only resist saliva droplets and keep warm. The anti-smog masks have undergone professional anti-smog tests. The bridge of the nose allows the masks to breathe through professional filtering, which is more comfortable and convenient. The elastic cords of the masks are adjustable and suitable for all kinds of people.
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