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How to wear a mask correctly

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-11
How to wear a copper mask correctly During the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, wearing a mask is an indispensable protective measure. Scientific and reasonable selection and use of masks can effectively prevent the spread of the virus. In this issue, we have contacted Qiu Shaofu, Director of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Institute of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Wei Qiuhua, Director of the Infection Control and Disinfection Division, and asked them to discuss how to use masks correctly. Wei Qiuhua: Protective masks are divided into two categories according to their uses: medical protective masks and non-medical protective masks. Among them, medical masks mainly include disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks and medical protective masks. Non-medical protective masks include self-priming filter particle respirators (particle protective masks), daily protective masks, etc. Different groups of people can choose different types of masks. According to the 'Technical Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Masks for the Prevention of New Coronavirus Infection by Different Populations' issued by the Disease Prevention and Control Bureau of the National Health Commission, the risk of different populations being exposed to the environmental pollution of the new coronavirus is divided into five levels: high risk, high risk Risk, medium risk, low risk and low risk. Medical protective masks can be used for high-risk groups. When there is a lack of medical protective masks, particle protective masks that meet N95/KN95 and higher standards, or self-priming filter gas masks (full face or half face) equipped with anti-particle cotton filters, the entry-exit procurement personnel suggest that they contact the quarantine personnel or require Persons in close contact, such as food delivery personnel, disinfection and garbage disposal personnel, wear disposable medical masks or surgical masks; it is recommended that ordinary officials and low-risk soldiers choose disposable medical masks or non-medical masks. Be careful when wearing a mask. The disposable medical copper mask you wear is divided into three layers. The outermost layer is the water blocking layer, the middle layer is the filter layer, and the inner layer is the moisture absorption layer. The moisture-absorbing layer can absorb moisture exhaled from the mouth and nose, keeping the mask dry. If the mask is used upside down, the breath exhaled through the mouth and nose cannot be effectively absorbed, and the mask will become wet and lose its protective effect. Therefore, when wearing a copper mask, please pay attention to distinguish the inside and outside of the mask. The light side is the inside, and the dark side is the outside. When wearing a mask, you must also distinguish the upper and lower ends of the mask. A metal nose clip is embedded at one end of the mask. When wearing a mask, the nose clip should be fixed on the bridge of the nose. According to the position of the bridge of the nose, use your fingers to apply external force to adjust, and then pull the mask open so that the mask tightly covers the mouth. Nose, chin, avoid gaps between the mask and face. To ensure that the mask fits your face, after putting on the mask, you can cover your mouth and nose with your hands, exhale and inhale quickly, and feel that the mask slightly bulges or collapses, and the nose clip does not leak air and your face On the side, the air tightness of the mask is better. Before putting on a mask, wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer. Do not touch the inside of the mask during use to avoid contamination of the mask. The outside of the mask will be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. When removing the mask, remove the ear hooks by hand. Do not touch the outer surface of the mask and wash your hands in time. In addition, in addition to learning how to use masks correctly, company officers and soldiers can also open ventilation windows in bedrooms, restaurants and other places. It is recommended not less than 3 times a day. When officers and soldiers enter the canteen to eat, they can take off their masks, try not to sit face to face, and establish a proper distance (1.5 meters is relatively safe). If it is a mask used by a suspicious case or a confirmed patient, it should not be disposed of at will, and it should be treated as medical waste for standardized treatment. Masks used by family members or other persons accompanying the patient should also be treated as medical waste, just like the masks used by suspicious cases or confirmed patients.
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