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How to wear medical protective masks for children

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-21
How to wear medical protective masks for children. Guidelines for using pneumonia masks to prevent new coronavirus infections. Masks are an important line of defense against respiratory infectious diseases and can reduce the risk of new coronavirus infections. Masks can not only prevent patients from ejecting droplets, reduce the number and speed of droplets, but also block the nucleus of virus-containing droplets and prevent users from inhaling. Based on the current understanding of the disease, this guide is formulated for the correct use of masks. 1. The basic principle of use is scientific and reasonable use, standardized use and effective protection. The detailed information is as follows: (1) It is not necessary to wear a mask in the open and ventilated area of u200bu200ba non-epidemic area, and to wear a mask when entering crowded or closed public places. (2) It is recommended to wear disposable masks in open and ventilated places with high prevalence; when entering closed or crowded public places, please wear medical masks or particle protective masks. (3) If you go to the hospital with suspicious symptoms, please wear an anti-particulate protective copper mask or a medical protective mask without an exhalation valve. (4) Patients suffering from basic respiratory diseases should wear protective masks under the guidance of a doctor. Very young babies and young children cannot wear masks, which can easily cause suffocation. (5) Cotton gauze masks, sponge masks and activated carbon masks have no protective effect on preventing viral infections. 2. Recommended types of masks and target users (1) Disposable medical masks: It is recommended that the public wear them in non-crowded public places. (2) Medical masks: The protective effect is better than that of disposable medical masks. It is recommended to use them during service, such as suspicious situations, public transportation personnel, taxi drivers, sanitation workers and public places. service personnel. (3) KN95/N95 and above particle protective masks: the protective effect is better than medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks. It is recommended for field research, sampling and testing personnel. The public can also use them in crowded places. Or closed public places. (4) Medical protective masks: It is recommended to use medical staff in fever clinics, isolation rooms and confirmed patients during transfer. Third, the principle of post-processing masks. (1) Masks worn by healthy people are not at risk of spreading the new coronavirus. The mask is usually replaced when it is deformed, becomes wet or dirty, and its protective performance decreases. Masks used by healthy people can be disposed of according to household waste classification requirements. (2) Masks used by suspected cases or confirmed patients should not be disposed of at will. They should be treated as medical waste, and should be treated in strict accordance with relevant medical waste procedures, and they should not enter the circulation market. 4. Do the rules and precautions for children wearing masks suggest that children choose products that meet the national standard GB2626-2006? KN95 is also marked with a child or adolescent protective particle mask. Children should pay attention to the following points when wearing masks: (1) Before use, children should read carefully and correctly understand the instructions with the help of their parents in order to use respiratory protective equipment correctly; (2) Parents should always pay attention to the condition of children's masks. If the child feels unwell during the process of wearing the copper mask, he should immediately adjust or stop wearing the mask; (3) Due to the shape of the child's small face, it cannot be completely closed with the edge of the adult mask. It is not recommended that children wear adult masks that meet the requirements.
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