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Identify mask quality what are the steps

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-22
Identify mask steps in the quality of what are now used in People's Daily life the frequency of the mask or many, but the demand of people on the market for face mask is bigger. When the user to buy masks should be how to identify the quality of the mask, disposable masks below small make up is to give users a simple introduction, hope to popularize this knowledge for you. Abundance of light, will be close to the face side show 180 degrees with light, see if non-woven masks luster, is no broken hairs. Disposable masks have besmirch, broken hair, partial color for order. Touch the disposable masks is soft, smooth not coarse. Disposable masks fabrics hard, coarse, slants thin for the order. Smell the disposable masks have peculiar smell, more than news news of the fabric surface also with hanging ears. The smell for the order. ( Independent packing can avoid disposable masks are peculiar smell smell in the air, dust, bacteria infection. ) Put on see, ears, face nose have itching ears. Ears, smell for the order. See if packaging production address, national standard, usually perform GB15979 - 2002 or product standards. Packaging quality is poor, have peculiar smell, no specification or write, the disposable masks it will be a workshop production. Note: GB2626 - 2006 specification is not suitable. Labor protection of insulating gloves have what requirements analyses the specific way of cleaning copper mask and mask
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