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If the mask is not used properly, it is not good for health

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-09
'You can't sprinkle fragrances on masks, because fragrances can stimulate the respiratory system and induce respiratory diseases. Medical masks are generally thrown away after wearing them once. Personal masks don't need to be like this, but they must be steamed at high temperature or exposed to sunlight. , Disinfection.' Zhang Guojun said.  Medical masks are made of at least 12 layers of sterile white gauze, and have strict requirements on the size and disinfection of the copper mask. Fashion masks are not medical masks, and they have not been strictly disinfected. Many masks are not made of pure cotton yarn and contain a lot of polyester fiber. Some pictures have only 2 to 4 layers of lightweight isolation gauze, which is difficult to effectively filter viruses and dust in the air. Other masks are too large or too small to wrap the face tightly and comfortably, and dirty air is still sucked into the body without being filtered.  The phenomenon of improper use of masks is roughly as follows:  1. Nostrils are exposed on the outside of the mask. This loses the 'barrier' function of the mask to protect the respiratory tract. It should be able to cover most of the area below the mouth, nose and eye sockets.   2. Hang the mask on your ear or on your chin. The hair, chin, and neck are exposed to the air, and the dust and bacteria are very likely to get into the inner layer of the copper mask. The next time you wear it, it will easily cause respiratory infection.   3. Wear a mask for a long time without taking it off. If you wear a copper mask for a long time, the nasal mucosa will become fragile and lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity. Masks can only be worn in special environments. For example, in winter when influenza is prevalent, you should wear a mask when you go to public places where there may be a large number of germs.
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