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In daily life, we should be how to pick and wear a mask?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-03
As the weather turned cold, many people travel when wearing masks, but many users in choosing masks when there are a lot of mistakes, there are some users is also a way of errors when wearing masks, today small make up of disposable surgical masks to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Types: surgical masks according to different materials can be divided into ordinary, disinfection and sterilization at three levels, divide into two kinds, repetition and disposable products labeled on the outer packing. Now, appeared on the market of cartoon masks masks, personality mask, characteristics, these fashion basic belong to non surgical masks, masks have no disinfection antibacterial effect. Layers: the mask to achieve a certain thickness to the virus 'rejected', but this is not to say that more mask layer protective effect is better. Generally speaking, with 12 ~ 18 layer advisable. Normal more than 12 layer mask soft, bao hou uniform, while the inferior masks interlayer is hard plastic, gauze or thin soft tissues, there was an obvious different on the handle. Packing: had better choose those masks with independent small packaging products, to avoid the secondary pollution to the largest extent. Size: mask size general with 13 cm wide, long 16. 5 centimeters advisable, so wear to cover your mouth and nose and eyes most of the area, the following protection. Wearing masks the correct way: 1, must clean your hands before and after wearing masks, should be in accordance with the packing instructions wearing masks, including fixed mask tightly tether, let the mask to the face. If masks to wear too loose, and the face don't fit, air will enter from the side gap, cannot achieve prevention effect. 2, be sure to cover all of my mouth and nose, some people just cover your mouth is not correct, because the nose is the air in and out of the main way to human body. 3, cannot two sides take turns to wear face masks, for outward side easy adsorption germs, if there is no clean is put out side of itself again, susceptible to diseases. 4, have a person to sweat and wetting masks, masks a wet, cannot effectively resist invasion of the virus, then the clean masks should be replaced. Best to prepare a few more masks, easy to replace and washing. 5, wearing a mask shoulds not be too long, general 6 hours for the ceiling, otherwise, can't breathe the fresh air for a long time, can make their own resistance ability. If you want to take off mask for a change of air, you must to do not have the clean area of virus infection and concentration of population and area.

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