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In daily life wear gauze mask method is introduced

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-13
Speaking of masks everyone should think of a cold or sick people will wear a mask, but as the natural environment has become more and more bad, a lot of people would wear masks when travel, people wear more are gauze mask, a lot of people wear gauze mask method is not very correct, disposable masks small make up today to give users a simple way to introduce the correct wear gauze mask, below it and see it together. The gauze mask is mainly used for containing low concentration of harmful gases and vapors work environment. The filter box only adsorbent or sorbent. Gauze masks can be repeatedly used, but must be used again after cleaning, disinfection, generally is not recommended for gauze masks frequently use, some people after use, only to clean it, and no disinfection, while the dust or bacteria are wash not to drop, so the conditional word, repeated use gauze mask is not recommended. Which side of a gauze masks gauze mask is the most common mask, and the price is cheap, so most people would buy gauze mask. However, for wear gauze mask must pay attention to methods, otherwise it will affect the use effect of it. How to wear gauze mask? Of a gauze mask is as follows: the mask on the edge of the tape, will face mask to cover mouth and nose, the above two chalaza fasten to the ears and head, not on the ear. Gauze masks to wear a will dirty, some people will put the mask alternate to use inside and outside, this situation is the most easy to infectious disease; If it is in the hospital and other places of high risk, regardless of age, mask once get it, not to use, to avoid hand touching the face mask produce pollution. In addition, also note that don't wear a face mask, they shall be stored well, should be close to the nose and mouth folded in a face, and then put them in a clean plastic bag or paper bags spare; For masks must be worn daily cleaning, change daily. For washing gauze masks, blanching first 5 minutes, then wash with soap, after washing to dry in the sun. Whether wear or masks, picked clean must be rivals, because some hands may come into contact with toxic substances, after cleaning is less these substances into the mouth and nose.
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